The first article I was paid for was about a football match in the small German town of Solingen. Back then I was 16 and worked for Solinger Tageblatt. I wrote for this local newspaper for two years and after that I started to work for Rheinische Post in Düsseldorf shortly before my Abitur.

Following an extended trip to Asia and Australia I moved to Berlin in 2009 in order to work as a journalist in the German capital. I got the possibility to attend Axel Springer Academy for a two-year training and worked for WELT and BILD in this time.

Afterwards I decided to work as a freelance journalist. It was a fundamental decision which was interrupted by two permanent employments: In 2012 I accepted an offer to work for SPIEGEL ONLINE in Munich. In 2017 I started as a DER SPIEGEL reporter in Hamburg. Both times I came to the conclusion that I prefer to work independently, with WELT AM SONNTAG as my main client.

Since November 2017 I am a freelance reporter again, my reports, interviews and photos are published in major media outlets in Germany as well as in English and Spanish speaking countries.

Furthermore, I give lessons in investigative journalism, e.g. at the Axel Springer Academy in Berlin and the RTL Journalism School in Cologne. At the moment (summer 2019) I working on a TV documentary as well.

Published in, e.g.: Le Soir (Belgium), Der Spiegel, Welt am Sonntag, Bild (Germany), Onet (Poland), El Confidencial (Spain), Republik (Switzerland), New York Times (USA)

Reported from, e.g.: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, USA

Languages: German, English, Spanish